How Many Bedrooms Do I Need in My Vacation Rental?

If you’ve never stayed in a vacation rental, you may be wondering how to determine just what size rental you need and how many bedrooms it should have so everyone is comfortable and has enough privacy to enjoy their stay.

Layouts vary between properties, with some being best for couples, some for single families with children, and some being best for multi-family stays.  The options are endless, so how do you choose without feeling like Goldilocks and ending up with a rental that’s too big or too small instead of one that’s just right? 

Here are some suggestions to get you started once you’ve got a head count of how many adults and children will be staying on the property:

SINGLE BEDROOM:  A vacation rental with a single king bedroom is perfect for a couple looking for a romantic getaway.  These properties often have amenities that suit a couple who wants to enjoy their time together and their privacy.  A single bedroom property can also be the right choice for a couple with a baby or small child if the rental has 2 beds or provides a crib or pack-and-play for children who are too small to sleep in a bed by themselves.  

2-3 BEDROOMS:  A property with 2 to 3 bedrooms is a good choice for a single family with children.  You’ll find plenty of properties with bunk beds or trundle beds, which kids love. 

This size rental is also ideal for multiple couples who want to share each other’s company while enjoying their vacation – just look for a layout that has adult-friendly beds in each bedroom.  

4-5 BEDROOMS:  This size property is great for a larger single family, or for a family who wants to bring along a guest or two.  Larger properties tend to have a good variety of bedroom setups, and some even have separate living spaces on different floors, or an apartment separate from the main house (such as above the garage).  This gives those who prefer it a little more privacy and space to relax.

6+ BEDROOMS:  If you’re planning a multi-family vacation, you’ll need a property with 6 or more bedrooms.  These large properties are often the most luxurious with the most outstanding layouts and features for optimal privacy, comfort and relaxation.  There are many to choose from, and some of the most spectacular large vacation homes are oceanfront, with decks, game rooms, private walkways, tiki bars, unique features, outdoor dining spaces and multiple levels so that everyone can find a place to relax either with or away from their traveling partners.  

Now that you’ve determined how many bedrooms you need, you can use that number when you search on a website.  The Beachside Getaway website allows you to search based on the number of bedrooms, along with other criteria to allow you to find the perfect vacation rental! 

Here are a couple tips to help narrow down your search even further:

· Choose the property type you’re looking for:  Oceanfront, Plantation, Home, Condo, Golf or Beach-oriented, etc. based on what activities you or your group want to participate in most.
·   If you have a particular plantation or area you want to stay in, specify that in your search.
·   Have pets or need a handicap accessible property?  You can search for those too!

Once you’ve got a list of properties that meet your basic requirements, take a look at the general information to see what type of bed(s) are in each room and choose the properties that match what you need.  Then you can read the Description and Amenities sections for more details and take a look at the photos.  Many properties also have a virtual tour available so you can really get a feel for the layout of the home or condo.

We guarantee you’ll find one or more fabulous vacation rentals that you’ll want to book on the spot, but you can always call one of our friendly local staff and ask for recommendations as well.  We live here, so we know all about the area and can guide you to the ideal choice!  

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