Beach Gear Credit

Introducing Our Beach Gear Credit!



Introducing an incredible opportunity for Beachside Getaway guests. When you book your stay with us, you will receive a Beach Gear Credit! We’ve partnered with Vayk Gear to provide this complimentary service that is included for free in your rental.


Use this beach gear credit towards beach umbrellas & chairs, coolers, boards, and beach games like corn hole.  You can even use your credit for a small selection of activities on the island.  When you use this credit, your selected gear is delivered that day you arrive and picked up on your departure date.



"What a benefit to renting with Beachside Getaway! We loved using our beach gear credits with Vayk Gear to rent beach chairs. No more struggling to find chairs and an umbrella on our vacation. They delivered it to the rental property! "

by Anne, Beachside Getaway Guest, 2022 



Who receives Beach Gear credits?  

Book with Beachside Getaway and you will receive a Beach Gear credit from VayK Gear!


How do I receive my credits?  

After booking your rental with Beachside Getaway, you will receive an email that contains a link to use your beach gear credit. Use the reservation number from your Beachside Getaway vacation rental.  Use your credits and add any optional extras that you see fit.


What types of things can I use my credits for?  

You can use your credits for beach gear like beach umbrellas, beach chairs, coolers, games, and other active things for the beach.  You can even use them to select a few activities on the island! 


How do I coordinate delivery?  

You will enter the property address and the reservation number, and then select the dates.  We deliver to you! You do not need to be present for delivery or pick up.


Do I need damage protection? 

There is a damage protection for 8.9% of the gear order. This is automatically added for you at checkout.


How do I coordinate pick up?  

We will pick it up for you in the place that it was dropped off on your designated departure date.  We ask that you clean off your gear prior to pick up. Rinse any sand off and that’s it!


What if I want to change my selections? 

You can make changes up to 48 hours of your arrival time free of charge.  Selection changes made after 48 hours prior to your arrival are subject to availability, a late fee, and delivery will have to be rescheduled.