5 Of The Best Kayaking in Hilton Head Locations

One great way to experience Hilton Head Island is by its waterways. It’s smooth currents and occasional visits from marine wildlife make way for a relaxing activity that is fun for the whole family, an adventurous trip for two, or even a great time when paddling solo. When it comes to exploring the island by water, kayaking is a very popular option and allows you to take in all of the natural beauty from a different vantage point, and we know some of the best places for kayaking in Hilton Head that you must add to your list.


Best Locations for Kayaking in Hilton Head

Calibogue Sound: Extending to the top of the island, this channel is the waterway to explore if you want to get up close and personal with marine animals such as dolphins, manatees, and horseshoe crabs. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you stay closer to the shore as the boat traffic can make for tougher paddling, but it is an enjoyable experience that you’ll be excited to tell all your friends at home about.  

Daufuskie Island: If you enjoy a challenge and don’t mind a longer trip, a visit to Daufuskie Island may be in order. Strong tides and the wakes left behind by larger boats make it an expedition that is perfect for more experienced kayakers. Your destination will be worth the extra travel time as Daufuskie Island is rich in history, charm, and numerous things to do and see.

Skull Creek: Don’t let the name fool you! Skull Creek actually offers some of the best kayaking in Hilton Head Island. Beginning on the north side of Hilton Head and pouring into Port Royal Sound, your journey will include dolphin sighting, challenging waters, and a visit to Pinckney Island, a wildlife refuge. Don’t forget to make a stop at Skull Creek Boathouse, a bustling waterfront seafood restaurant that is exalted by locals and tourists alike.

Jarvis Creek: This creek is smooth and uninterrupted by boat traffic, so it is another perfect kayak destination for beginners, families, and those who just want a relaxing cruise through the island. If you’re looking for a more easygoing expedition, there are shallower areas of the creek in which you can disembark from your kayak, check out some marine life, walk around, and stop for some lunch. In the higher tide areas, there are plenty of waterways to blaze if you’re in a much more exploratory mood. No matter where you paddle in this creek, you’ll always find something to do.

Broad Creek: Reigning as the largest creek on the island, Broad Creek provides some of the best Hilton Head kayaking. As you flow through the marshes and streams, you’ll spot plenty of birds, small wildlife, and natural beauty. You may be able to see a few dolphins if you kayak near the southern end, as well. Since many boats use this waterway, the waters may become a bit choppy, but it never becomes too difficult for beginners. There are plenty of adventures to be had in these waters.

Where to Rent Kayaks

Water Dog Outfitters: Dedicated to only the best service, Water-Dog Outfitters on Hilton Head Island offers kayak rentals and more to those visiting the Broad Creek and Pinckney Island areas. They even offer great web specials, so check out their website before you book your trip!

H20 Sports: Whether you’re looking to spend the day kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and even parasailing, H20 Sports has everything you need! Since 1990 they have been offering safe outdoor fun that gives guests the opportunity to enjoy Hilton Head from the best place, the water!

Outside Hilton Head: With several locations around the island, Outside Hilton Head encourages outdoor play and family adventures every day. Along with kayak rentals, you can also learn how to surf, catch a shark on one of their fishing excursions, let the kids play at one of their child-friendly journeys, or make a visit to Daufuskie Island. Their main goal is to enrich lives by connecting people with exceptional places, products, and experiences.

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