Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning checklist

for your vacation rental home on Hilton Head Island, SC 


Ahhh spring time in Hilton Head. The flowers are blooming and the rental business is booming. With the influx of RBC Heritage event-goers and the return of all the vacationers who have come to enjoy this Island as much as we do, you will want to get your rental property ready for the season. To help you get organized, Beachside Getaway has compiled a “Spring Deep Clean Checklist” for you, complete with some business recommendations.



Beachside Getaway works with thorough housekeeping companies like DustAway Cleaning Services that will get your rental in tiptop shape. DustAway owner Eric Esquivel said, “It is really vital to the rental to do a deep clean and spring is a good time to do one. Otherwise, the property will fall behind.” Esquivel added, “And do not forget your grill. A deep clean maintains the quality of the grill and is important for fire safety.” Other areas of focus include your linens, like beach towels and bedding, your area rugs and flooring which have a lot of sandy feet traffic, and couch cushions, especially underneath them.



Getting the exterior of the property is equally important and what better way is there to give your property a fresh look than with soft wash cleaning. Companies like Hilton Head Housekeeping Services provide excellent customer service. According to HH Services owner Kety Marquez, “Soft Spray service on your home will make it look years younger, is affordable and a great alternative to repainting. Our unique system will not damage roofs or exterior surfaces.” Quality companies like HH Services will transform all exterior surfaces including driveways, decks and patios and give your home a facelift.


Outdoor Furniture

Being a subtropical climate, fungus, mold and mildew are a concern for property owners, as well as environmental villains like pollen, dirt, salt and sand. Inasmuch, sun damage and just the wear and tear of outdoor furniture can take a toll on your backyard aesthetic. Give your outdoor furniture a quick rinse and towel dry. Those musty cushions could probably use a wash and maybe even consider picking up some new pillows. Both in Hilton Head and Bluffton there are several high-quality outdoor furniture companies like Coastal Home.



Hilton Head is known for its verdant and attractive landscaping. President of The Greenery Lee Edwards explained, “The obvious time of year to refresh your landscaping is now so you can take advantage of the growing season.” Edwards went on to say, “Plus, chances are your clients are coming from a cold climate and the first thing they are going to see is the landscaping. To make that great first impression, make sure your yard is in good shape.”



Hilton Head has a lot of great qualities, but our pests are not one of them. Having a routine pest control service with a company like Hilton Head Exterminator can really increase the longevity of your property, especially when it comes to termite damage. It can also increase your renter’s experience by cutting down on everyone’s least favorite arthropod—cockroaches. Make sure you have everything scheduled in advance to keep things running smoothly and bug-free.



Utilities can sneak up on a property. You will want to check your propane level and have a dependable service provider like Suburban Propane in your rental repertoire. The same can also be said of routine maintenance of your appliances like your washer and dryer, dishwasher, stovetop, oven and HVAC.


Finishing Touch

Lastly, make sure to put your final finishing touch on your property. It is the little things like having current magazines, games with no missing pieces, well-stocked toilet paper, and a decent working wine opener that keep people coming back. You may even want to leave a note or local product (there are great South Carolina-made products at the Piggy Wiggly in Coligny) out for your renter.

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