Fast Casual Dining on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island, known for its miles of beaches, sweeping Spanish-moss draped trees, and world-class golf courses, is also a destination for foodies. While the island offers a diverse range of dining options, from upscale restaurants to the Hilton Head Diner, it has a lot of great fast-casual dining.  You know – the times that you don’t want to sit down at a restaurant, but you don’t want to go to a drive-thru either?   Somewhere in between there’s a sweet spot that suits families with younger ones, budget-friendly options, and something for everyone. 

Fast casual restaurants on Hilton Head Island offer a perfect blend of convenience, quality, and affordability for both locals and tourists looking for a quick and satisfying meal. Plus, they really are fast so you can be back on the beach or on the golf course! 

 Here are some of our favorites: 


Fiesta Fresh 

51 New Orleans Rd #4 · Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

At Fiesta Fresh, the menu is a celebration of traditional Mexican flavors and ingredients. From classic favorites like tacos and burritos to specialty dishes like enchiladas and fajitas, each item is prepared with care and attention to detail. The chefs at Fiesta Fresh take pride in using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create dishes that are both delicious and authentic.  One of the highlights of Fiesta Fresh is its wide selection of salsas and sauces, each made in-house to complement the dishes on the menu. Whether you prefer a mild pico de gallo or a spicy salsa verde, there is something for every palate at Fiesta Fresh.  Order at the counter and they will bring it to your table within a few minutes. It’s surprisingly fast and extremely delicious! 


Java Burrito

1000 William Hilton Head Parkway, Suite J6 – Wexford Plaza – Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Located in Wexford Town Plaza, Java Burrito Company offers the best of two worlds: delicious burritos and artisanal coffee. This popular eatery has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike, thanks to its fresh, flavorful cuisine and laid-back atmosphere. The menu features a variety of burritos, tacos, bowls, and salads, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. From savory proteins like slow-cooked pork and grilled chicken to vibrant veggies and zesty salsas, every dish at Java Burrito Company is a celebration of bold flavors and textures. The restaurant prioritizes using organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, ensuring that each bite is not only delicious but also environmentally conscious. Also, you can find a huge selection of drinks from margaritas to beer to smoothies and coffee.  Our favorite? The Java Bowl! Choose your protein, rice, beans and toppings. 


Al's Aloha Kitchen 

70 Pope Avenue Suite O – Circle Center – Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

 Al's Aloha Kitchen on Hilton Head Island brings the flavors of Hawaii to the shores of South Carolina. Nestled in a shopping center near Lowcountry Celebration Park, this convenient restaurant offers a unique fast casual dining experience that embraces fresh ingredients and bold flavors of the Pacific.The restaurant's welcoming ambiance, adorned with surfboards and tiki decorations, sets the stage for a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience that captures the essence of island life. From traditional favorites like poke bowls and kalua pork to innovative creations like loco moco and spam musubi, each dish is great! They also have a commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create authentic and flavorful dishes. Whether you're indulging in a refreshing ahi tuna salad or savoring a hearty plate of Hawaiian BBQ, you can’t go wrong on the menu. 


Stu's Surfside Subs

1 N Forest Beach Dr Unit F3 Coligny Plaza, Hilton Head, SC 29928-1021

Stu’s Surfside Subs is in Coligny Plaza, on the south end of Hilton Head Island and is the perfect stop before the beach to pick up your lunch for your day out. Of course, you can also dine in and the surfshop vibe is a great atmosphere that embraces island life.  The star of the show at Stu's Surfside Subs is, of course, the submarine sandwiches. Made to order with fresh ingredients, these subs blend of meats, cheeses, veggies, and condiments, all in their soft, freshly baked bread. You will find classic combinations like turkey and avocado and other signature creations like the "Surfside Special" loaded with ham, salami, and provolone. There is a sub to suit every taste at Stu's. Vegetarian options are also available, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy.


Philly’s Café Hilton Head 

55 New Orleans Road, Suite 1, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Need another fast casual restaurant on Hilton Head Island where you can swing in and pick up something for lunch or dinner? Philly’s Café offers cheesesteaks, hoagies, salads, pitas, chicken dishes, and meals for kids.  Conveniently located on the South end of the Island on New Orleans Road (near Beachside Getaway’s offices!), we can attest to the quality and convenience of this Island staple. You can even order online and just swing on in to pick it up.  Visit: to see the menu and get started. 


Marley’s Shrimp and Burger Shack

35 Office Park Road Suite B, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 (near the Sea Pines Circle, Next to Marley’s Café & Restaurant)

Inspired by New England burger and seafood shacks where you walk up and place your order and then dine outside, this restaurant offers visitors and locals something quick and easy but without sacrificing the taste.  This is a great option for when you’ve been at the beach all day, you’re just hungry and want to grab something and go home, but you still want it to be GOOD.  From fried pickles to a big chili dog to seafood chowder, this restaurant also has a selection of beverages for all to enjoy. The Shack Salad makes a great light option with grilled shrimp, scallops, or salmon, too, for those that are looking for lighter options. They feature a daily fresh catch served over quinoa salad with pineapple salsa. Any seafood can be simply grilled with sea salt, lemon, & olive oil.  You can also place your order online!