Appliance Upgrades for Your Vacation Rental

Proper appliances in your vacation rental home can make or break a good vacation. Sounds silly? Think again. Imagine not having a washer or dryer that functions well on your next vacation! 

Having the proper equipment on hand to make your guests stay as comfortable as possible can really elevate someone’s experience. The basics are necessary, but these upgrades will stand to wow your guests, and they’ll be able to go all out when it comes to a Lowcountry vacation done right, from the comfort of their own rental.

Here's our round up of things your vacation rental needs to have when it comes to appliances. 

High capacity ice maker 

It gets hot and humid in Hilton Head Island, and you can’t have a perfect island drink without ice! Standard ice makers are fine when it comes to day to day living, but when you have groups coming to stay, everyone will want an ice cold drink and those standard ones just won’t cut it. A good high capacity ice maker will ensure your guests, no matter how many, that they’ll have fresh made ice whenever they need a tropical drink.

Second refrigerator or freezer for garage

Visitors will want to try everything and anything they can when visiting a new place, whether it be take out, leftovers, or things from the local store they've never seen, they’ll want it! Ensuring they have enough refrigerators and freezers for anything they could want is extremely important. Nothing is worse than bringing home ingredients for a grand lowcountry meal and finding you have no space for it! Also stocking up some foods in bulk for them so if for some reason they can’t grab and go, they’ll always have something to eat. Easy additions to your home like this are why vacationers rave about their rentals!

High capacity appliances for laundry

Getting a high capacity washing machine or even adding a second washing machine can be life changing when staying somewhere else. People that come in packs like families, need to have the security and assurance of clean clothes anytime they leave the house. Kids can get messy, and walking around in dirty clothes doesn’t ring as the perfect vacation. High grade washers that can fit blankets, clothes, and sheets, are definitely a must. This makes change over day easier, too! 

Coffee Maker

Whether it be a Keurig, french press, or do-it-all latte maker, a coffee maker is absolutely key in a vacation renter’s home. Coffee runs can get expensive when you add them plus the cost of the vacation up, and they’d want a nice cup of coffee right in their rented kitchen! Stocking some creamers, sugars, or coffee and a grinder for them is also a great additive when getting something like a coffee maker!


A blender is a pretty standard appliance to have, but you want to make sure you’re getting the right one for your needs and your renter’s needs. Tropical drinks like Pina Coladas need a lot of ice, therefore, a heavy duty restaurant grade blender is a good idea. These blenders may cost more up front, but the investment tends to pay off in the reviews. 

Slow cooker

Slow cookers are a great idea to have in your rented home for guests. They serve as a way for vacationers to not worry about dinner being made, and also have time for all the activities they want to fit in one day. They can set it before they leave for a kayaking excursion, and they know that after they are home for the night they can grab a plate of dinner without slaving over the stove. That’s definitely a vacationer's dream!

Water filter

Water is a necessity while you’re running around in the heat, and water does and can taste different wherever you go. Having a water filter at home in general is good, but having one for guests can really make them feel welcome. Getting one for the faucet, or a refillable one for the fridge will do the trick, and will limit the number of water bottles they have to buy too.

Waffle iron

Fresh waffles and bacon in the morning are the ultimate vacationer’s breakfast. Having a waffle iron at their disposal means they can do that whenever they want. Finding one that can withstand a lot of uses, and that cooks them in a timely manner is also a good idea to think about. 

Rice Cooker 

Rice cookers are good to have anyway, because rice takes awhile to cook! Your guests want the ease of food at their rented space without having to do anything too strenuous, and rice cookers are perfect to ensure perfect rice, everytime. 

Appliances are a very important thing to think about when renting a home out, they can make their experience much more elevated even with a few simple additions to your kitchen and home. Your guests should feel comfortable, and be taken care of in a new space, and these are such simple ways to make sure they don’t need anything while relaxing.

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