A 2018 Guide To Hilton Head Vacation Rentals

If it’s cold and gray where you are now or your life is stressful because of all those unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions … listen up. Even if it ISN’T cold where you are and you ARE losing that weight, listen up anyway. Because it’s time to de-stress and admit you and your gang deserve a vacation. A vacation rental at one of the best spots on earth. A Hilton Head Vacation Rental.

Hilton Head Vacation Rentals

Why Hilton Head Island you ask?


First things first. Reasons you should come to Hilton Head Island for your vacation. Beaches. Tons of them. And they’re beautiful, balmy, white sugary-sand, deep, warm and selected as one of the best family beach vacations in the nation. Now, let’s add golf with dozens of gorgeous low-country and ocean-side golf courses designed to challenge any level of player. Don’t forget tennis, fishing, boating, kayaking, swimming, dolphin tours, horseback riding on the beach, paddle boarding, nature trails, hiking and biking and oh, what about restaurants? There are tons of them offering live jazz music and oldies, seafood and pasta, steaks and chops and authentic low country recipes to please any palate. The seafood is to die for with fresh caught daily fish dishes and local, low-country shrimp that make Bubba Gump drool with envy. And the weather. Temperatures to please even the most dedicated sun worshippers. Did I just hear someone yelling,"I-wanna-go-and-I-wanna-go-now! But wait. Where should I stay?”

10,000+ choices for Hilton Head Island Vacation Rental locations

Having lots of choices is really a good thing, don’t you think? For instance, there are over 10,000 properties available for vacation rental. Yup, you’re right. That’s a lot. Everything from a whole house rental, to condos, to villas, to golf resort rentals are all right there on the island ready and waiting for your visit. That means there’s a vacation rental property just right for any size vacation group. From just you all alone on to you and all your golfing buddies. Or bring your spouse, the kids, the grandparents, in-laws … the whole gang along including the family pets and rent a whole house with 3, 4 or 5 or even more bedrooms. They’re all there, ready and waiting for your visit.

Where to stay on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island vacation rental locations vary as much as the properties themselves. There are Hilton Head vacation rentals on the beach and course-side walk outs on to a golf course. Some have beach views. Some forested with beautiful low country live oaks. Some on lakes or ponds and some with views of the Calibogue Sound and more with views of Port Royal Sound and still more right on the ocean.

Let’s start by just selecting a sample area of Hilton Head Island where you might like to stay on vacation. Say you want one that’s convenient to the beaches, shops and golf courses for example. Like the world renown Sea Pines area, home of the Heritage Classic golf tournament every spring and anchored by historic Harbour Town with its iconic lighthouse, marina, boutique shops, family restaurants and fun taverns! Sea Pines Vacation Rentals alone offer some 500 different homes ready for vacation renters; almost 500 Condos and Villas available to vacationers; 700+ Golf Resort rentals; and literally hundreds of these rental properties are "pet friendly” hilton head rentals too, so don’t forget to bring Rover for runs on the beach. And that’s just in Sea Pines, only one of Hilton Head Island’s dozen or more beautiful communities that offer vacation rental properties to visitors.

Look & Book Now … not later

Whether you want a luxury villa or need a whole house for your family and pets, there’s a vacation rental to fit your budget AND your needs on Hilton Head Island. The best advice is to look around at the myriad of wonderful choices Hilton Head Island vacation rentals offers and book the one you want now to be sure you get the time of year you want too. Whether it’s just want to get a tan and snooze on the beach, or play golf on a different course every day, or have fun with the kids in the ocean … or just to de-stress. Stop stalling. Go pack the sunblock and we’ll see you on the beach at HHI!

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