Everything You Need To Know About Baynard Plantation Ruins

Of all the historical sites on Hilton Head Island, the Baynard Plantation Ruins are a must! Originally built around 1793, the Baynard House is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. The once beautiful antebellum plantation home stood for decades, passed through two families, and played a part in the Civil War. For many years, visitors have been fascinated by its beauty and mystery, and it holds many stories just waiting for you to discover.

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Baynard Plantation Ruins History

In 1793, Captain Jack Stoney, a Revolutionary War hero, built the Baynard Plantation as part of Braddock’s Point Plantation. Since the Stoney family were the first residents, the home is often referred to as the Stoney-Baynard ruins. It was 1,885 square feet, built of timber and a mixture of oyster shells, lime, and sand, and overlooked the Calibogue Sound.

It is unsure exactly how the plantation home fell into the hands of the Baynard family in 1837, but there are two most likely ways. It is believed that a Stoney heir bet the home during a late-night poker game and lost, or the Stoneys declared bankruptcy and William Baynard acquired the estate from the bank. William Baynard was a very successful cotton planter who occupied the home from 1840 to 1849. After William Baynard’s death, the plantation was raided by Union forces and housed many soldiers during the Civil War. Shortly after the war ended, the home was burned to the ground.

What There is to See at Baynard Plantation Ruins

Today, you can still see the tabby ruins of the plantation home and the slave quarters. The home’s foundation, a corner wall, and the foundations for several of the outbuildings are all that remain. Postings around the ruins benefit visitors wishing to know more about the families who inhabited the home and the plantation itself.

Are the Baynard Ruins Haunted?

There have been several reports of ghost sightings around the Baynard Plantation Ruins. Some visitors have claimed to see William Baynard’s ghost roaming the property after dark, sometimes followed by his entire funeral procession. Many other visitors claim to have seen his ghost at the Zion cemetery and Baynard Mausoleum, where he is buried.

Want More Hilton Head Historical Sites?

Hilton Head Island is a kingdom of history, and the Baynard Plantation Ruins are just the beginning! At the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, you’ll find an Indian Shell Ring that was built nearly 4,000 years ago by Native Americans. You will also find Fort Mitchel in Hilton Head,  one of the forts built on the island after the 1861 Union attack during the Civil War. This fort protected Hilton Head for many years before it was naturally abandoned. There are also many nature paths to explore while visiting this area.

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