Enjoy A Full Day Of Fun At Honey Horn Plantation

While Hilton Head is a utopia of oceanside activities, there are many wonderful things to see and do inland as well! One of the most historic places to visit on Hilton Head is Honey Horn Plantation, a 300-year-old property that transports visitors back in time. The plantation is now a part of the Coastal Discovery Museum, who preserves the fascinating history of the land and immerses you in the story.

Things to See at Honey Horn Plantation

The plantation is comprised of 4 momentous buildings, gardens, and some of the largest and most beautiful oak trees in South Carolina. During your visit, these are just a handful of the amazing things you’ll discover.

Historic Buildings

Discovery House: This is the oldest structure on the property, dating all the way back to 1859. Today, it is a permanent exhibit for South Carolina Lowcountry natural history and cultural heritage. This is also where the gift shop, Kids’ Zone, and community meeting room are housed.

Supervisor’s House: Just after the turn of the 20th century, William Clyde added this home to the plantation as a residence for J.E. Lawrence and his family. The building has been recently renovated and will be the future home for the Discover Lab.

Pole Barn: This equipment shed was built in the early 1950s for storing farming and timber equipment. You’ll find many interesting artifacts from that era as you explore the shed, including a 400-pound cowling of an Atlas V rocket that washed on the shores of Hilton Head in 2010.

Horse Barn: In the 1930s, landowners K. Thorne and Alfred Lee Loomis erected this stable for their horses. The Coastal Discovery Museum renovated the structure when they acquired the property and now use it to house their own horse named Comet. The Marsh Tacky Horse is the state’s Heritage Horse, and she usually makes appearances to visitors in the evenings.


Karen Wertheimer Butterfly Habitat: This local favorite is a must during your visit to Honey Horn Plantation. The greenhouse is populated with many species of beautiful butterflies May through October, who feed on the lovely nectar plants in the garden. During the butterfly season, you may take a guided tour of the enclosure.

Heritage Garden: Featuring more than 30 plant species with historic ties to the Lowcountry, green thumbs and history buffs alike will enjoy a walk through this fascinating garden. See for yourself the plants that were used by the Native Americans and crops grown during the Civil War era.

Camellia Garden: Camellias are close relatives to the tea plant in Asia, and are now bred for their beautiful and bright colors. In the fall, winter, and spring, This stunning garden creates a blanket of dazzling shades from the blooms of these exalted flowers.

Carnivorous Plants Bog Garden: The kids are sure to love this one! Encounter three kinds of carnivorous plants native to the Lowcountry, including the Venus Fly Trap. This attraction includes an engaging learning experience, a close-up look at some of the world’s most interesting plants, and a visit to Camellia Garden.

Plantation Grounds

Specimen Trees: There are several beautiful species of trees spread throughout the land. Many of them were planted by previous owners, the oldest believed to be an oak tree that germinated in 1595! The former state champion, Southern Red Cedar Tree, is rooted at the Honey Horn Plantation and is the only one of its kind in the entire state. You will also find many more decorative and fruit trees such as the Dogwood, Bald Cypress, Pecan, and Southern Magnolias.

Marsh Front Boardwalks: 3 boardwalks wind through the marshes of Jarvis Creek, marking important stops along the way. The boardwalks are also adorned with interpretive panels that inform you about nature and wildlife you may encounter along your trek.

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