Shopping in Old Town Bluffton

When it rains on Hilton Head Island, vacationers often think of going to the Tanger Outlets. Sure, Tanger Outlets 1 & 2 have a lot of options – from Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew, The North Face, Kate Spade, Vineyard Vines, Old Navy, Off 5th (Saks 5th Avenue), you will catch all of the usual suspects and find great deals.  While that serves a purpose, sometimes you want a little bit more charm and to discover something unique.  Old Town Bluffton has that charm and uniqueness that you may be looking for.  Be sure to visit Old Town Bluffton on your next visit to Hilton Head and check out the following:

  1. Lunch or Brunch at The Cottage.  Fuel up at The Cottage, a quintessential cottage from the late 1800’s. The menu features giant slices of pie, decadent brownies and muffins and other baked goods and then things like sandwiches, egg dishes, and full on entrees. We love their iced tea.  Depending on the weather, we recommend a seat on the porch where you can watch the people walk by! 
  2. Now that you are fueled up, hit the nearby Gigi’s Boutique. Gigi’s is owned by Emily Burden & Anna Pepper Hewitt Vaux, sisters who are native to Bluffton.  (Emily is running for a seat on the Bluffton Town Council)!  Much like Cheers! where everyone knows your name, this is a locals shopping mecca where, even if you are a visitor, you are treated like a friend.  The selection ranges from classic to contemporary, and by far and away has the best selection of jeans and shoes in Old Town Bluffton. You will find resort wear dresses and staples like a good rain jacket.  You’ll always find accessories – jewelry, bags, cute beach wear or pool cover ups.  You cannot go wrong. We dare you to go in without buying something! Chances are you will find something you cannot live without! 
  3. Go across the street to The Storybook Shoppe, the most adorable children’s bookstore you have ever seen. The charming bookstore is straight out of a fairy tale and the walls are stocked with children’s books. Up a few stairs to the “2nd floor” there are teen reads, too. 
  4.  Head down the street to the cross section of Calhoun and Bridge Street and visit Bluffton Candles!  Bluffton Candles is owned by our friends Angie & Leo who started the business when she developed breast cancer.  Angie made candles during her treatment as a therapeutic process. She often made them as gifts for friends and family who were doing kind things for her.  Today, they have not only candles in wonderful smelling scents, but also diffusers, soaps, room sprays, car fresheners, bath salts and more. 
  5. Now head back up Calhoun Street and cross over to Corner Perk.  Refuel with some coffee (we’re fans of the salted caramel late!)
  6. Stop into Kelly Caron Curated!  Kelly Caron Curated is owned by Kelly Caron, a prominent interior designer in Bluffton & the southeast who recently opened this fashion mecca. She scouts fashion markets all over the country and brings an upscale, coastal look with a twist to our area.  The shop is full of dresses – if you need a dress to a bridal shower, to church, to a wedding, for a date, for a girls weekend… this is your place to go! 

There you have a few of our favorite places to shop and fuel up in Old Town Bluffton! Be sure to visit the Wrights Family Park and check out a few other restaurants in Old Town Bluffton, too.