Rainy Day? Here are the Best Hilton Head Movie Theaters

When dark clouds consume the sky and the sun disappears behind them without a trace, don’t let it get you down! Even on the rainiest of days, there are still plenty of things to do on the island. In fact, this would be the perfect opportunity to check out one of the many Hilton Head movie theaters for a viewing of the latest blockbuster or to just enjoy a nice, laid back activity.


Hilton Head Movie Theaters


Park Plaza Cinema

This cozy movie theater sticks out from the many generic movie theaters because of its cafe, bar, and dog greeters! The current owners renovated the theater to have an urban eclectic atmosphere that provides a full bar, the Cine-Cafe, and a lounge. Their dogs, Annabelle and Antoinette, greet anybody who walks through the door six nights a week. It’s definitely the most unique of all Hilton Head movie theaters and provides an experience you will want to return to.

Northridge Cinema 10

As a Southeast Cinema Theater, Northridge is one of nine sister theaters located in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. What makes this particular cinema different from the rest is it’s luxury reclining seats in every theater. Since they provide ultimate comfort, you’ll never squirm to find the good spot in your seat during a presentation.

Coligny Theatre

This movie theater is not like the others as it only features a selection of art-house, film festival, and foreign movies. Originally known as The Island Theater, this renovated cinema was once the sole Hilton Head movie theater. It originally opened in 1972, but the explosive popularity of VCR’s and cable summoned hard times upon the theater, and after 25 years, closed its doors. When the owners of Coligny Plaza realized the benefits of having a cinema, they renovated the old building and re-opened it for business in 2002.

Cinemark Bluffton

Playing all of today’s mainstream movies, Cinemark Bluffton is an impressive theater with a wide range of amenities. The cinema’s upscale features include all stadium seating, high digital presentations, High Frame Rate, outside kiosks to buy your ticket, and also the opportunity to print your tickets at home and bring them to the theater to save you a wait in line.