The Perfect Boat Day

It’s simple math. Good food, drinks, and company plus pristine Lowcountry waterways equals a great boating day. But to have the perfect boating day, you need to factor in what type of boater you are. To help with determining this, here’s a quick quiz:


You like to catch:

A) Low tide just right to beach your boat or drop anchor for a pitstop.

B) Up with friends and a buzz.

C) Fish or a photographable moment in nature.


In your cooler, you have:

A) An assortment of refreshments, both adult and kid-friendly, to last the day, as well as a bag of grab-and-go snacks.

B) Beer, wine, maybe a pre-mixed cocktail, as well as charcuterie accouterments like cubed cheese and sliced salami.

C) Bait, beer, water and pre-packaged sandwiches.


Your start time is:

A) As soon as you can load up the boat. You’re in it for the long haul.

B) Whenever. You’re just happy to be on the water with people you enjoy.

C) Based on the activity you are doing.


If you answered mostly “A” you are the Adventurer. If you answered mostly “B” you are the Booze Cruiser. And if you answered mostly “C” you are Captain Commune with Nature. For each boater type, the Lowcountry provides.


For the Adventurer

The Bluffton Sandbar is a great destination. Located on the May River off of Myrtle Island, Potato Island and Palmetto Bluff, this popular pitstop provides plenty of room for locals and visitors alike. It is ideal to get there at low tide and the beach shows for quite a while.

Next, because you are near Palmetto Bluff, pop over there, tie off at the community dock and take advantage of all the amenities. You may also find yourself grabbing a beverage and a bite at Buffalos before returning to your boat. 

A true adventure would be intereted in trying parasailing.


For the Booze Cruiser

You and your friends are in no hurry but at some point you are going to want to make your way over to Freeport Marina on Daufuskie. There you will find the Old Daufuskie Crab Co and Scrap Iron Bar. Pro tip: Get the deviled crab, peel-and-eat shrimp and just one scrap iron cocktail (if you have more than two you will not be able to find your boat, much less your way back home!).

What is more fitting than a yacht ride? 

For Captain Commune with Nature

The Lowcountry really is your oyster. If you ask just about any local, they will tell you there are plenty of prime-time places for fishing (they just might not tell you exactly where!). There are also so many great places to see dolphins swimming or beach feeding, pelicans kerplunking, or Spanish moss turning trees into Chewbacca replicas. Whether you venture to Port Royal Sound, the May River, Broad Creek, or Calibogue Sound make sure to take advantage of high tide and detour off the beaten path and explore aqua avenues lined in marsh grass, as well as take in the sights, sounds and smells of a low tide and the marine life that comes alive.

Dolphine cruises are a must!