Date Night and Date Weekends on Hilton Head Island

by Anonymous

Hilton Head island is filled with beautiful spots and scenery, but that’s not the only thing that makes it great for date nights. On the island, there are tons of events and eateries that make it well worth the trip and couple’s nights out. Here is a round up of a few of our favorite date night activities.  Why stop at a night? Make it a weekend and plan a few.  

The Jazz Corner

The Jazz Corner is perfect for all Jazz or music lovers out there. At the Jazz corner it’s all about spaces to set the mood and ambiance, martinis that are definitely larger than normal, and the southern food that we all know and love. Definitely a recommended spot for an unforgettable date night!


Cruises aren’t just luxury vacations you can only take once a year, on Hilton Head Island you can take boat cruises and even sunset hibachi dinner cruises with ease! With these 2 hour luxury cruises you can indulge in amazing hibachi style cuisine and beautiful views while living the cruise dream, without actually going too far out! Visit Palmetto Bay Marina or Shelter Cove Marina's for information on cruising throughout the waters of Hilton Head Island. 

Santa Fe Café

Enjoy a special night out in a vibrant and refined restaurant that’s southwestern themed. It has a New Mexico style and even a rooftop cantina where you can enjoy the refreshing night air with whomever you go with. It's romantic yet fun, and you’ll want to keep revisiting anytime you get the chance!  (Pro Tip: Try the Painted Desert Soup. It's been on the menu for over 20 years and there is a reason for that! People love it.) 

 The Sage Room

If you’re a wine drinker but still want a good meal with upscale surroundings, the Sage Room is the perfect place for you! Enjoy elevated American fares with delicious wine to pair, along with an open kitchen and chef’s table. 

Picnic on the Beach

This one is remote, beautiful, and definitely recommended for couples that want a smaller crowd but the same beautiful ambiance. The cool beach on a fall or winter’s night in Hilton Head is the perfect spot to hear the waves crashing, and really take in all that the island has to offer. Paired with a cheese plate, fruit, and some wine, and you’ve got yourself a top tier date night. 

Arts Center Hilton Head

We couldn't recommend this spot enough for fun shows and great company, with all different shows playing. We know it can be hard to choose when to go, but here are some upcoming events in the fall and winter that will really put a pep in your step!

From now until October 29th: The Ultimate Murder-Mystery-Comedy!  “On a dark and stormy night, six mysterious guests assemble for a dinner party at a creepy old manor. When one of them turns up dead, it’s clear no one is safe! Whodunit? What weapon? What room? What FUN!!” It's Clue!

November 2nd: Walk the Red Carpet into Concours Weekend! “This star-studded event, which celebrates films and shorts that capture the thrills of the automotive world, has become the ultimate kick-off to the Concours weekend with its signature mix of red-carpet elegance and high-octane excitement.”

November 4th: TEDx Hilton Head. “This year’s exciting panel of speakers includes a wide range of today’s well-known ‘movers and shakers’ – including national/local leaders in sports, health, media and business – who will all be gathering to share their unique perspectives and insights for a thought-provoking afternoon.”

These spots are a definite win for any and every date night you could possibly think of. They’re classy but casual and offer a nice atmosphere that is perfect to share with a loved one or even just a close friend. Hilton Head Island certainly offers an experience that you won’t soon forget. What will you choose for your date night?