10 Exciting Things You'll Learn at the Coastal Museum in Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island is home to an array of coastal wildlife and history, and there’s no way better to explore it than at the Coastal Museum in Hilton Head! A perfect activity for the whole family, this Smithsonian affiliated museum provides interactive education through its land and water based tours, historical buildings and school programs. Here’s some of the exciting things that you’ll learn about when you visit!

Explore the beaches of Hilton Head Island

The Coastal Discovery Museum offers its guests several different ways to take an educational tour of the beaches lining the island. The Beach Discovery Tour and the Evening Sea Turtle Talk are some of the exciting beach tours offered.

Hilton Head's Civil War History

Home to Union troops during the Civil War, the Forts of Port Royal in Bluffton, SC are now one of the regularly scheduled tours at the Coastal Discovery Museum. On Thursdays, you can also take the Civil War Era tour, and learn more about the area’s place in Civil War history.

Dolphin Life in the May River

If you’ve visited the beaches of South Carolina, you’ve more than likely spotted a few dolphins. However, a Dolphin Research Excursion at the Coastal Museum will get you much closer to these seafaring mammals as you cruise the May River, studying dolphin communications.

Wildlife of Jarvis Creek

Experience the wildlife and waters of Jarvis Creek on this guided kayak tour! Get close to the plants and animals of the Lowcountry while padding the creek and taking in the scenery.

The Life Cycle of Horseshoe Crabs

Often only seen washed up on beaches, this program will educate you on the ins and outs of the lives of horseshoe crabs. Only offered on select dates, "Horseshoe Crabs: Living Fossils" is a presentation that you won’t want to miss!

Marsh Tacky Horses

Equestrian minded visitors will be fascinated by the Marsh Tacky Horse, a breed that traces its roots back to Spain and made a name for themselves as Gullah workhorses. As the museum states on its website, this is one the most popular attractions at the Coastal Museum in Hilton Head!

Historic Buildings

Four distinct historical buildings sit on the Coastal Discovery Museum’s property: The Discovery House, the Supervisor’s House, the Pole Barn and the Horse Barn. Get an in-depth look at the lives of those who previously owned the Honey Horn property, where the museum currently stands.

Karen Wertheimer Butterfly Exhibit

From May to October, visitors will get a unique look at local butterfly life at the Karen Wertheimer Butterfly Exhibit. See larvae, caterpillars and everything else there is to know about butterflies.

Carnivorous Plant Life

If insect-eating plants fascinate you, then the Carnivorous Plants Bog Garden is for you. Get an up close view of the carnivorous plants that inhabit the area, including the Venus Fly Trap!

Hilton Head Environment

Listen to biologists and topic experts present a series of informative lectures throughout the year. The lectures cover a wide range of topics pertaining the Hilton Head environment, including monarch butterfly migration, responsible oystering and planktonic life. You can view a full list of the lectures here.

Among the many attractions and activities that the island offer, none are as educational or informative as the Coastal Museum in Hilton Head! Ideal for all ages, you can experience Lowcountry wildlife and history in an exciting, hands-on way. When you’re stay here, be sure to visit the Coastal Discovery Museum.

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