Your Guide to Bike Rentals on Hilton Head Island

Your guide to bike rentals on hhi

Where and What To Rent for Bikes on Hilton Head Island: 2022-2023 Edition

Hilton Head Island, SC is known for it's miles of leisure and bike trails! For many vacationers, biking ends up being your main source of transportation, too! Depending on where you are renting your vacation home on Hilton Head, you might be able to bike to all the restaurants and activities. Being on the island for... forever... we know where to get your bikes. We highly recommend Forest Beach Surf & Cycle.  At Forest Beach Surf and Cycle, you can rent bikes for you and your family for as long as you see fit, and they have some for the kids, too.  They also have the latest in new bikes and accessories. Check out this round up! 

Adult Beach Cruiser Bike Rentals

These unisex beach cruisers are the most popular, and these will fill all of your beach exploration needs! You can choose to rent for one day, up to two months. For a single day, this bike only costs $50, and for two months it goes to about $200. This is true for most of the bikes Forest Beach Surf and Cycle carries. The name doesn't lie... you can truly "cruise" on these comfortable bikes!

Men’s Tall Frame Bikes

For those taller men who have trouble finding bikes that fit them, no worries! Forest Beach Surf and Cycle carries tall frame bikes that are perfect for a tall stature to explore the island with ease. As far as your long legs can take you, this bike will follow suit!

Tandem Bikes

For a romantic, or older child/parent excursion, tandem bikes are perfect for your vacation. They’ll allow you to actively spend time with your partner or child without having to check up on them from your own bike. If quality time is important on your vacation, these are a pretty good bet!

Trike With Basket

Hey, trikes aren’t just for kids at Forest Beach Surf and Cycle! Biking isn’t everyone’s strong suit, and these trikes will ensure you won’t be left in the dust when exploring the island! The basket is included so that all your personal effects can be carted around with ease.

24" Kids Fuji Cruiser Bike

The 24” is the largest size available for kids, and will let your child keep pace with you wherever you want to go, including the beach! Walking everywhere is tiring, especially for people with short legs! Also available in this bike are 20” and 16” sizes.

Kids's Carrier 

Also at a rate of $200 for two months, the kid’s carrier attachment is available. For those young kids who just haven't gotten the hang of bike or trike riding yet, the carrier is a perfect attachment to make sure your young one can experience all the fun there’s to be had on Hilton Head Island!

Tag-Along Bike

Similar to a tandem, this bike has a bike attachment specifically made for your little ones to ride with you. If your child is too small to fit the standard tandem bike, then this is the perfect bet for you on your vacation!

Surf Lessons

Per the name, Forest Beach Surf and Cycle isn’t just about bike rentals! They also offer surf lessons so if you choose, you can be zipping around on the water. Though the waves are not huge on Hilton Head, we do get some surf and it makes it a great place to learn how to surf and "test the waters" at this fun sport. 

Beach Forest Surf and Cycle will stand to be a pretty useful tool when spending time on the Island, and it’ll definitely help you figure out what you want to spend most of your time doing. With minimal effort or lessons, you can be zipping around the island and sightseeing for hours, just remember to put on sunscreen. Island trips are about making as many memories, and squeezing as much fun as possible into however long you have. Try a few things and see what you love the most, with bikes or surfing, so much fun can be had!

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