Vacation Rental Etiquette 101

Be A Good Guest 

We think for the most part, everyone recognizes to be kind and gentle to the homes that they are renting! Afterall, most people understand that while they are an investment, someone actually owns the property and real people stay in there (the owners and other guests.)  If you are reading this, you are probably already one of those people (you wouldn't otherwise be taking the time to read this article!) But here are some tips and tricks with our rental etiquette 101.  Our owners and our staff thank you in advance! 

#1: Keep Noise Down

Keep the music at a reasonable volume so as to not annoy any neighbors or vacationers in the area. Loud music keeps kids from sleeping, people from concentrating, and can often be a real annoyance to everyday life. Remember: just because you are on vacation, does not mean everyone else is! Some folks work from home, and loud blaring music is the last thing they’ll want radiating through their walls. The same goes for noise, if you have a bigger part of people staying, then you’ll want to make sure everyone parties at an appropriate volume. Noise complaints are no fun, and it’ll put a damper on your vacation too

#2: Don’t have more people than the rental agreement states

Occupany rates are strict and with good reason. It's a safety concern. If your rental agreement states that the property sleeps 8, you are not allowed to have 9. Make sure that you are sticking to the property agreement and reporting your guests. Otherwise, it's a violation of a contractual agreement and subject to loss of deposits or even worse. 

#3: Be respectful of the place and keep it clean (reasonably) 

This may seem like a no brainer, but following this really is a crucial way of getting your deposit back. Clean up after yourself and don’t let trash pile up. Remember; if you wouldn’t do that at your friend’s home, don’t do it here! Try to clean as you go, and making sure the home is clean throughout your stay will leave you with less to do when it's time to pack up and go home. 

#4: Clean out the fridge before you leave

As per the last point, making sure the space is clean before you leave is helpful and a courtesy to housekeeping staff.  Throw away uneaten leftovers. Take any items you wish to travel with. This really helps speed up the cleaning process and your fellow renter who is right behind you. It is much appreciated by all! 

#5: Remove your linens

It's good practice and helpful you to help the housekeeping staff by taking all the room’s linens off the beds and take them to the laundry room.  It is customary to take your pillow cases, fitted sheets, and top sheet off and bring to the laundry room.  Comforters, duvets and blankets are washed or drycleaned by staff. 

#6: Lock the doors upon your departure

Always lock the doors whether you’re currently staying there, or not. Just because you remove your suitcases and leave the area, does not mean the liability of leaving doors unlocked doesn’t fall on you. The house is still filled with things that could be stolen or ruined, and it's your job to protect everything inside. Please make sure to lock the doors! 

#7: If something breaks, report it

Accidents do happen! Don’t hide it or fail to report it to the necessary people. This could make you lose your security deposit. It's always better to be upfront about any mistakes that may have taken place so that the blame doesn’t fall on you later. We pride ourselves on fixing things right away so that it's ready to go for the next guest. Please help ensure everyone has working things! 

#8: Turn off lights when leaving

Turn off the televisions, lights, or any other electric item that could be left on. Not only does it waste unnecessary electricity, but it’s not fun to come back to after renting a space out! That is a good thought process.... if you wouldn’t do it in your own home, don't do it in your rental! 

#9: Do one last walkthrough

Upon coming to the end of your trip, take one last walk through of the home and collect any dishes, food, drinks, and turn off any lights that may have been left on. These details will make you seem like the perfect guests, and you’ll have no problem renting again in the future. 


Follow these tips for good guest etiquette and everyone will be happy! Just because it isn’t your home doesn’t mean it isn't your responsibility. Be respectful and happy renting!

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