Improving Your Audio Visual In Your Rental Home

how to improve your A/V

 How to Improve Your Rental Home with Audio & Visual

A vacation home should have all the perks of home and then some. “Extras” in a vacation home are what keep renters coming back for more and have the ability to really enhance their experience. Adding some simple advancements to audio and visual can go a long way. Upgrades don’t have to be stressful or instant.  Consider adding a few of these over time and watch your rental reviews skyrocket. Check out Play Custom Home Technology to get your visual and audio upgrades, and see what other recommendations they have for you!

Here are some improvements you can gradually add to your home to make it every vacationer’s dream spot.

Add a wi-fi sound system installation

Wi-fi connectable speakers really bring some high class feels to a home. They offer a movie theater quality listening experience which can heighten someone's movie watching, or music listening. Think surround sound, but these wi-fi speakers are much easier for your guests to connect to on their own. These are different from having one or two bluetooth speakers, these can connect to themselves in each room so your guests can choose which rooms to have their music playing from.

Add Outdoor Speakers by the Pool 

Adding speakers by your pool is an absolute must for vacationing homes. You can get all types of outdoor speakers that don't look too obvious or tacky, and they can play music right from the TV inside so your guests aren't having to cart around their phones or radios for music. This is an easy way to make a simple space feel much more elegant, this is minimal set up, with a high reward. Available are speakers that look like outdoor rocks, so instead of having huge speakers taking up your porch space, you can have disguised ones around the area. 

Label Your Remotes

This one is the easiest on the list, and can upgrade your space in a matter of seconds. Comfort is when you know how the shower works, and you know which remote goes to which device! Having multiple remotes happens especially when you’ve upgraded your appliances. Between the cable box and your standard TV or sound system, it can be hard for guests to know which goes to which, and it can be frustrating to have to remember everything. Label makers are such a good tool to own when renting your space out, and they take the guesswork out of tasks that are meant to be easy. Labeling which remote goes to which device is a simple enough way to ensure all remotes are accounted for, and no one has to try to figure out how to turn the TV on. 

Add Smart TV's 

Having a smart TV means your guest can watch whatever they want, and they are able to access home amenities like Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube. Cable is different everywhere you go, and unlike the old school channel guides that hotels have, giving your guests access to their subscription based networks is a great way to take the hassle out of trying to find something on TV.

Get a smart speaker 

Things like Alexa can make life better in such simple ways. Guests coming from out of town would like to know the weather without having to search it on their phone, or even know what kind of restaurants are in the area without having to set their location. Alexa or other devices like Alexa can deliver that information with ease. They can also use it for a timer when cooking, or alarms in the morning. You can take it a step further and automatically set a time for Alexa to tell them the weather so that they’ll be able to have a full forecast while they’re having breakfast! 

Provide Detailed Instructions 

All of these upgrades take minimal effort, but mean a lot more to guests coming from other places. Make sure you create a cheat sheet with passwords, information on how to troubleshoot and any other pertinent information. Laminate the sheet so it stays protected! These can make a vacation really feel like one, and make their stay more comfortable without breaking the bank or having to do an entire uphaul of your current space. These will make your guests rave about their stay, and have everything they need readily available on their trip. 

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