Get your rental ready for Spring!

GET Your rental ready for spring!

Spring and summer mean spending time outdoors, having barbecues and hanging out by the pool or under the sun. In order to really make the most of these warmer months, you have to know how to properly decorate and liven up your outdoor living space. Here are just a few pointers that could go a very long way in making your patio or porch absolutely impeccable. This will not only increase your enjoyment of your vacation home but will increase your reviews of your vacation rental and ultimately, lead to more bookings and revenue! 


Here are our tips for getting your vacation rental home ready for spring & summer! 

Invest in new patio furniture

No one likes worn out and used patio furniture! If you’ve had the same set for quite sometime now and you’re noticing wear and tear, your guests will too. Get some new comfy and inviting outdoor couches or chairs to really wow your renters! Entertaining outside is possibly the best part of these warmer months, and you don’t want to fall short in the furniture department!

Mood lighting

Think about getting some cafe lights and string lights to really up your outdoor game. Lighting is the key to making a night outside feel absolutely perfect. A few mood lights here and there could really go a long way, and it'll make your guests feel right at home when they see all the hard work you’ve put into your space to make it feel magical. 

Outdoor audio

Invest in some outdoor speakers to make sure your renters can enjoy their music outside of the house as well. Things like hidden rock speakers, or wall speakers will be a huge help in ensuring your guest’s happiness and comfort. 


Plants, flowers, and succulents are all low hassle ways to immediately spruce your outdoor area up. If you’re worried about the watering aspect, you can grab some watering globes that will ensure your plants are hydrated for up to 2 weeks at a time. Succulents are also a great bet since they don’t need much care at all.


We all know the south can get super hot and humid. That sun beats down and you just about feel like you’re going to melt! Installing some patio misters can cool the area down, and make it a much more enjoyable experience for your guests and yourself! 

Outdoor entertainment 

Outdoor entertainment such as TVs can be a really innovative way to accessorize your patio, and is something a lot of people can’t offer renters. Make sure all the necessary precautions are taken when installing an outdoor TV so you avoid theft and losing your property. We recommend putting a TV in a screened in or secured patio/porch so you're sure nothing will go missing. 

Tabletop fireplaces

Tabletop fireplaces are the coolest, and can offer so many uses. You can roast marshmallows, keep pests at bay, or add to the cozy vibes for an outdoor night. They're small and compact, and require minimal effort to keep up. Just add some fuel and you’ve got yourself the easiest little fire!


Small water fountains on the side tables or in the corner can up the eye appeal as well as the auditory appeal. Some water trickling white noise is the perfect ambiance to complete an already beautiful outdoor area. 

Outdoor torches

Outdoor torches are a great addition to helping keep pests like bugs and insects away from your perfect time outdoors. Securing them along the perimeter of where your gathering will be can deter bugs, and also set a lovely mood. 

Outdoor privacy screens

Grabbing some outdoor privacy screens is a spectacular idea when it comes to securing and protecting your guests. These are great especially for areas with neighbors close by, or if you’re located in a busier part of town. Your renters can protect their own privacy, and feel enclosed in their own little sanctuary. 

These small upgrades will totally transform your outdoor area into the perfect getaway spot! Your patio will be the absolute talk of all the renters once they spend one night engulfed in all your additions. Your outdoor space should speak for itself in Hilton Head Island, and we promise with this decor, it will! 

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